How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost?

Carpet Cleaning Prices

First of all, you should know that there are two ways in which we as companies give estimates.
The first is to ask the client how many rooms, corridors, and rooms have their house or that they want carpet cleaning done.

And the other way (the most used) is by square feet, in this way we give a clearer idea of the size of how big the house and its rooms are.

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So, now the main purpose of this article to get you notified of the latest carpet cleaning prices. We know you must have been wondering about the Carpet Cleaning Prices because you now are making your mind to get that filthy carpet cleaned after a very long time. Well, ladies and gentlemen with this straightforward and easy carpet cleaning price guide by Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services PRO you can very quickly get a pretty close rough estimate of all the carpet cleaning cost in the present market.  Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services PRO is fully committed to serving all of its customers professionally so we can continually improve and evolve our carpet cleaning services to provide better cleaning service to our customers.

The cleaning process was never so easy before, but the Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services PRO has made it very easy and simple for its customers because of its transparency in every action.

Here is a List of Carpet Cleaning Prices


The Carpet cleaning cost guide

This carpet cleaning cost guide should help all of you get the closest idea of all the cost it is going to take to get your carpet at home or office professionally and thoroughly cleaned. If you want to roughly calculate all of the cleaning cost before you hire any cleaning service, simply read the guide below and understand carefully the guide related to the areas you want to be cleaned because that matter the most. 

Understand that the minimum carpet cleaning cost of $99 usually applies at all times of the year. Further fuel charges and also the GSTs are the extra expense you have to pay for getting your carpets at home cleaning. Usually, $14-$16 fuel charges apply to the city areas and the areas outside of the city limits the fuel charges can increase from $20-$25 and more. To get the more the exact fuel and further charges guide for your area, give us a call right now, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with the precise estimate of all your final carpet cleaning cost.

Square Footage

Depending on the size of your home, most carpet cleaning services charge based on the square footage of your home. Some carpet estimates based on square footage might include:

  • Between $80 and $130 for a home with 200 to 400 sq. ft.
  • 1000 to 1500 sq. ft. might cost between $200 and $300.
  • 2000 to 3000 sq. ft. might be estimated at $400 to $550.



Small Rooms     $36  – 200 Square feet

Medium Rooms    $55  – 325 Square feet.

Large Rooms     $80         450 Square feet

Hallways              $15         15 feet long

Landings              $10         30 square feet

Stairs     $3 per step         4 feet wide

Keep in mind that the Combined Dining/living rooms will be counted as two rooms, and the minimum carpet cleaning cost of little $99 applies every time. GST and further fuel charges will be charged as extras to you so always talk about that with the cleaner before you hire them. Fabric Protector and Deodorizer are available upon the request from the most of the carpet cleaning services for an extra fee.

Get in contact with us and get your final quote with absolutely no hidden charges at all. So, what is the wait for? Call on the number provided or book online.

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