For many people, tiles are the symbol of cleanliness. And when they are new their shine and sparkle looks welcoming and hygienic. Often tiles are in areas that get wet, like bathrooms. Or in locations that get moisture and humidity such as kitchens. Over time, they build up layers of grime, even when cleaned regularly and it is easy to forget how bright and clean they were originally.

At Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services PRO, we take great pleasure in restoring tiled areas to their original beauty. We are able to achieve this with the power of true steam and the use of a specially formulated cleaning solution. Our trained and certified technicians then apply their skill to get the results we’re so proud of. But even more than this, we do a job that lasts. Especially if you request to have sealant applied, you’ll be able to enjoy your new tile look for long after we’ve finished.


The hard surface of tiles and the groves of porous grout can collect a coating of grime that is very hard to remove. Oils, organic matter, mold, and stains can be a real challenge if you don’t have the right tools. But even with the best equipment and cleaning solutions, it takes experience to get the best possible result.

We’ve turned our years of experience into a proven system where each step leads to a better clean. Every technician has been trained and made a good habit of the most effective techniques. And by following each step in order, we’re always confident that we’ll do a perfect job every time.

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