Professional Rug Dusting

Using the power of over 40,000 harmonic vibrations per minute, our RugBadger ultra sonic cleaner completely removes deeply embedded soil, sediments, and dirt from any area rug or oriental rug we clean. This process is frequently skipped by other rug cleaning companies in Santa Barbara, Goleta or Carpinteria. Unfortunately, this step is essential to achieving a thorough cleaning. just like carpets, rugs can store a lot of dirt- up to 11b of soil per square foot or more! The rug dusting step will ensure that all of the dirt build up is shaken loose so that it may be washed away in further steps.

Rug Dusting

Rug washing

The next step in our professional rug cleaning process is the customized bath. Once we’ve removed all of the dry soil with our RugBadger, we gently wash both the top and bottom of the rug. We use premium oriental rug shampoos that are highly effective, yet safe and gentle, on the wool rug fibers. This is another area where we outshine our competitors. Most other Santa Barbara carpet cleaners and rug cleaners do only surface cleaning that is unable to flush all of the soil from the rug. While surface cleaning services is fine for general maintenance purposes, we strongly recommend that thorough rug cleaning should always be performed by a professional rug cleaning company like ours every 2-3 years. This ensures a longer life for your rug and a healthier home for your family.

Rug Washing

Drying System

The last step is a beautifully cleaned rug is the drying process. Rather than letting your rug dry on its own, we carefully groom and prep it for the drying process. Many rugs, except the most delicate, will then be placed in our professional rug drying tower where they will dry carefully suspended in the air. By using powerful directional air units, we can expedite the drying process. Rugs that are allowed to dry slowly while flat on the floor often become moldy, smelly, and are more prone to rot.

If you have beautiful home rugs that need a masterful touch to keep them clean and fresh for years to come, Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services PRO Is your best rug cleaning service option. Give us a call to discuss our rates and select a perfect plan for your home’s area and oriental

Rug Drying

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Rug cleaning is very very different to a cleaning of regular carpets. 

In what we must be careful is rugs are made by different types of materials, each rug cleaning usually must be treated with great care.

What do we advise?
Whether you decide for our service or another company, the first thing you should have in mind is that the person is a professional and knows well with what type of material is your rug and how it should be treated.

Here is a list of different types of rugs:

  • Area Rugs.
  • Hallway Runners.
  • Door Mats.
  • Outdoor Rugs.
  • Kids’ Rugs.
  • Bath Rugs & Mats.
  • Stair Runners.
  • Kitchen Rugs.
  • Knotted.
  • Flat Woven.

And the list goes on and on, the point is that there are many types of materials and for example the list mentioned above, each is made with different materials.

Rug Cleaning Process…

Here I show you a video that shows how is the cleaning process for rugs:

Speaking of how we can help you, what we can say is that we have a team very well prepared to recognize these different types of rugs, and we know how to clean them effectively without causing any damage to the material.

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