At Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services PRO we know that ceramic is probably the most popular and commonly used type of flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. Why? Because it doesn’t easily absorb dirt and water unlike any other types of flooring’s. But on the downside, it can be quite a challenge to keep it clean, particularly the grout lines.

Many of our clients have fought the endless battle against dirt and scum covering the tile and grout in their kitchen and bathrooms. They know how difficult it can be to get effectively and thoroughly clean their tile. Dirt and food particles embed in the pores of the tile and the grout, making it difficult to clean using store bought cleaners cleaners. Washcloths and mops do not get your floors clean! Do not run the risk of damaging your expensive tile by using harsh store bought products.

Damp areas, such as bathrooms, often show signs of mold and mildew if not cleaned frequently and properly. Mold will easily spread causing unsightly black stains and foul odors, eventually becoming a serious health hazard if left unattended.

Santa Barbara Carpet Cleaning Services PRO offers  grout and  tile cleaning service, in addition to its carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services. We pay special attention to the type of tile and grout installed in your kitchen and bathroom and clean it utilizing specialized cleaning formulas based specifically on the type of soiling and the type of tile or grout in your home or office. We formulate custom cleaning detergents for each particular cleaning. One detergent will not clean it all!

Steps of Grout And Tile  Cleaning

  1. Test Clean
  2. Apply Product
  3. Scrub Floor
  4. Rinse and Extract
  5. Neutralize
  6. Drying

Our process is quick and extremely effective, creating a much better experience for the homeowner or business owner.


Are you a bussiness owner?

We have experience in tile cleaning for businesses, several businesses in the area have hired us for tile cleaning and have been happy with our work. Do you want a quote? Call us at +(805) 250-9944

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