The Difference Between Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning vs Portables Machines

Truck Mount Machine is obviously they’re bolted down in or Vans and you’ll see RVs and drive all around town the advantage of having a truck mount versus a lesser unit or portable is at our units can generate High cleaning temperatures of the 210 240° 

How this helps clean better?

 When we clean with hot water (steam) works better because it helps helps break up grease bats the other big advantage of us using this piece of equipment is that we use a  big tank in back of the  van, that tank holds all of the dirty water so when we’re cleaning we’re actually striking the dirty water out to where we dispose of it properly which is down to sanitary sewer system in Santa Barbara. CA.

You’ll see a big white tank right behind every van,  now that tank there is four no fresh water do we use is soft water 

So why do we use soft water?

Soft water is used versus your regular tap water because it contains less mineral, and how this helps us is that it is able to hold more dirt into it because it does it’s not already full of mineral,  this is a huge advantage over other machines after hookup because we can carry on board water it’s already been conditioned and is already felt so it’s clean as possible.

You’ll see a lot of carpet cleaning companies that are professionals they all have vans,  they’re not, you know carrying portable machines. 

In conclusion:

Truck-mounted carpet cleaning machines are the most powerful extraction machines on the market: they have higher water temperatures and higher PSI that allows the steam and cleaning solution to In conclusionpenetrate deeper into your carpets. They also have the greatest suction power which will allow less water and residue to be left in your carpets at the end of a job. These are the simple facts, despite the fact that there are many very powerful portable machines out there.

Here is a video that we found explaining whats The Difference Between Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning vs Portables Machines:

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